Get External (WAN) IP Address from Command Line in Linux

Many services and applications require you to know your external (WAN) IP address. There are plenty of web sites that allow you to do this, but here are a couple of simple ways to do this from the command line in Linux.

The first method uses the cURL utility, which is basically a command-line utility for retrieving data using URL syntax. In Ubuntu or Debian, you can install cURL from the repositories using the command:

sudo apt-get install curl

After installing cURL, just run this command to get your external IP address:


You can replace with other service hostnames/URLs, such as:

The second method is really a variation on the one above and uses the wget command. You can use the same hostnames/URLs as above with this command:

wget -qO-

Have fun! And let me know your tips for this in the comments.