Linux Desktop Showing Content of Home Directory

Ever had that awkward moment where you login to your Linux desktop and there are a LOT of files on the desktop that you are not sure about (even DOT files).

This usually means something has gone haywire with your configuration and the desktop is now set to a different folder (different than the default /home/user/Desktop folder).

This happened to me and i believe it was because i deleted my Desktop folder (don’t ask) and it seems that XDG just took it upon itself to set its new location to my home (~/) directory and therefore i was seeing dot files and all the different folders associated.

To fix this you need to open up the user-dirs.conf and adjust the location for Desktop.

sudo nano ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs

Look for the line titled XDG_DESKTOP_DIR and adjust accordingly.



You may need to logout and back in again for the change to take effect but this will now be fixed.