Docker Everything List

Docker Everything

All of the projects i work on these i automatically create a Dockerfile to build a reliable and reusable image i can run locally to test or deploy to a prod kube cluster or docker host to run permanenetly and this got me thinking… can i run my day to day tools and systems in Docker?

The answer is almost always yes! Therfore below is my list of tools and services i use daily/randomly That’s are one liners to get going in a container.

If you know of some handy tools/services not listed here let me know!


Kali Environment

All Tools Installed

docker run -t -i /bin/bash

No Tools Installed

docker run -t -i kalilinux/kali-linux-docker /bin/bash



git clone
cd Reconnoitre
docker build -t reconnoitre .

For Help

docker run reconnoitre run --rm -h

Full Scan Example

docker run reconnoitre run --rm -v /local/output/path:/outputdir -t -o /outputdir --pingsweep --dns --snmp --services --hostnames --virtualhosts



git clone
cd cspparse
docker build -t cspparse .

Scan Domain

docker run cspparse --rm <full domain to scan including protocol>



docker run -d -p 27017-27019:27017-27019 --name mongodb mongo:latest


docker run -d -p 3306:3306 --name=mysql1 -d mysql/mysql-server:latest
    docker logs mysql1
    docker logs mysql1 2>&1 | grep GENERATED
    docker exec -it mysql1 mysql -uroot -p
    ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';


Genact - Want to look busy?

For Help
docker run -it --rm svenstaro/genact -h

Weblog Tail Module
docker run -it --rm svenstaro/genact -m weblog